Self-defense through weaponry exercises. With our Weaponry classes, you will discover the exciting world of weapons from various cultures and decades. Each activity will help you use this for self-protection techniques and enhanced self-confidence! 

Be prepared for anything. Weaponry class is an excellent way to be more mindful, mentally stronger, and physically stronger. It's a workout that calls for resilience in body and mind - a deadly combination! 

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Master Weaponry Skills & Develop Self-Discipline & Self-Awareness

Improved daily habits and fitness choices. Weaponry is not just about excelling in class; it's about how you use your skills to enhance all other aspects of life. We are here to guide you as you elevate your life and mindset by making better, wiser, and more mindful choices! 

Discipline, respect, and confidence. Be immersed in many types of weapon training and discover the basics, technicalities, and proper executions. Through time, you will embody self-discipline, mindfulness, respect towards self and others, and inner strength.

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