Gain confidence and resilience through competition!

Tournament Team. Team S.M.A.C. competes in the following competition circuits below. Our tournament team has four specific weekly classes, and we always look forward to new members joining our team.




Sharpened skills and confidence. Our tournament classes are an excellent way to build cooperation among others while believing in yourself. Whether it ends in a win or loss, our Tournament Training program teaches the value of preparation, hard work, and courage, no matter the outcome.

Learn how to prepare and train like a warrior!

Self-defence and self-confidence. One of the many wonderful things our Tournament Training program will teach is to embody specific skills as part of our nature. With Tournament Training, whether we win or not, we are conditioning ourselves to become braver and tougher when we step outside class.

The perfect program to attain your body goals and sharpen your mind. Start training with us today and discover the winner in you!