Shaolin Kung Fu is a Fun and Educational Way to Learn Self-Defense!

SHAOLIN KUNG FU. A traditional Chinese fighting system devised in the Shaolin temple and passed down through the ages. S.M.A.C. is a predominantly eagle claw system focusing on the manipulation of joint locking and pressure point.

ESSENTIAL SELF-DEFENCE SKILLS. We aim to help students unlock their highest potential while acquiring self-protection techniques. Every class will bring kids closer to becoming the best version of themselves.

Shaolin Kung Fu is a Great Foundation For Your Child's Lifelong Development!

THE STEPPING STONE TO GOOD HEALTH AND DEVELOPMENT. Kids develop skills and habits as young as two, and we're here to help them strengthen these habits that they will carry into their teen and adult years. Shaolin Kung Fu doesn't just teach self-defense but also how to be good judges of character, compassionate towards others, and confident in anything they do.

TIMELESS LIFE VALUES. With us, we will guide your child to embody important values such as respect and discipline, perseverance and faith, in anything that they do. Our mission is to see them grow into well-balanced and inspiring role models in their communities!