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Get ready to strengthen your body and mind. Our Close Quarters Combat program is an excellent way for students to discover classic and practical self-defense skills in military and combat situations!

Unlock your highest potential. When it comes to Close Quarters Combat, you must be sharp, quick, and strategic! This program is a hybrid of martial arts, security defensive tactics, risk management skills which aims to turn you into a warrior.

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Get Street-Smart and Be Prepared For Any Unwanted Attacks!

Preparation is key. When you learn Close Quarters Combat techniques, you are building for yourself a highly effective and powerful foundation for unwanted threats. Every class brings you closer to your best self and makes you physically and mentally equipped to protect yourself. 

Combat knowledge goes beyond yourself. As we get more courageous and confident to protect ourselves with combat techniques, we must become more compassionate towards our community members. 

Sign up today, and let's help one another from unwanted harm!